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U.S. Air Force Jacket Patch, Vietnam Era
Category: United States
Nazi Germany Automobile License Plate Disc, Red painted aluminum disc with silver Eagle, Swastika & wording. This is a been there example being actually removed from a license plate during the War, not a post War reproduction. 1.75" in diameter.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Informal Pattern Adolf Hitler, 8.25" Dinner knife, proper 800 marked with proof marks, typical wear from actual usage by the Fuhrer or by his Dining company, etc. Whe"ll maybe Hitler didn't actually use this Knife but its from his Informal Pattern Group, etc. See photos, partial trades accepted.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Metal Derrigible pinback device, with nice photo of President Von Hindenburg in Black & white on the front. I believe its Paul Von Hindenburg, pinback, on original cardboard board. Imperial Germany WW 1 Era. Excellent condition, card shows ageing and wear.
Category: World War I
This is extremely rare in that there was only one of these used at every six position dinner setting although there would be at least 5 to 6 pieces of flatware at each position. Thus this would probably be one of the most rare of the dinner setting pieces, except for possibly a meat fork or carving knife. The ladle is very seldom encountered in formal style Hitler silverware. This is a very fine example. It was finished in 800 silver and is so marked along with the moon crown and eagle on the shank. Brukmann of Heilbron was the manufacturer It is 7.5" long and the cup bowl is 2.5" x 2" in dimension and almost an inch deep. The National N.S. eagle is supported on its sides with the "AH." Partial trades accepted. I don't have Paypal, & No overseas shipping.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Badge is grey in color, pinback, correct Rzm M1/100, this is the only company that made these badges during the war. Reverse bottom catch has broken off, see photos. Rare Badge
Category: Accoutrements
Nazi Germany Kreigsmarine Wool flag, 2 small holes at very bottom where the re-enforced stitching is, a couple of small white spots also on bottom, looks like raindrops etc. Sized and maker mkd, 2 rope loops, overall in excellent condition except for 2 small holes & 2 small white marks(Color faded away), not stains.
Category: Kriegsmarine
The telegram is a birthday greeting addressed to Gauleiter Telschow, dated 27.2.40 from Grand Admiral Raeder, along with un-used personal Stationary of Gauleiter Telschow, and envelope from Gauleiter Telschow. Lot of 3 items.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
The book is one in a series of paperback adventure books geared at Hitler Youth members. It features a colorful cover and stories with illustrations.
Category: Hitler Youth
Promotional Document of Friedrich Schulz, member of Gestapo in Hanover area in the mid to late 1930's, then an ORPO Leader in the Luneburg area. The information regarding Friedrich Schulz is included, Document is original 1944 issue. Several photos of document are included, Document opens up for added information and Documentation. As Himmler read over the Chronological events of the Document, he put small green pencil marks next to all the Relevant data, etc. This is a Rare, and original Document, Himmlers Signature is Clear and Bold. This document is a proposal of promotion that was submitted through the police hierarchy prior to actual promotion and issue of a promotion document. This one requests the promotion of Regeriungsrat Administrative Councilor Friedrich Schulz to Oberregeriungsrat Senior Administrative Councilor. The typed notation above the date indicates that the Party Chancelory has no objection to the promotion. The date of 8 April would be proper for April 20 promoti
Category: Other SS Items

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