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known as belt plates. Matched pair, one in gold finish and one in chrome or nickel plate finish. Each measures 3 5/8 x 2 7/8". Identical insignia on each plate - spread eagle, shield, arrows, olive branch, etc. Reverse has belt loop and narrow tongue. For some custom parade unit, exhibition band, or similar showy outfit. Mint condition. Beautiful. Dates WWII or later, in my opinion. Rather amazing ship free for each buckle 30 each buckle
Category: All Field Gear
10 1/4 x 15". Covers have full color illustrations showing soldiers racing through the water, off a ship, bombs going off, American and British flags at the top. Inside front cover shows this was published by the Merrill Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, copyright 1943. Two pages loose from the staples at the very middle, otherwise, all others seem intact. Many of the pages have been colored, but there are many that haven't been. Overall for its age, and the fact that kids had their hands on it, it's in really good condition ship 5.00
1945 brought the Atom Bomb, which concept was soon incorporated in a cereal or radio premium Atom Bomb ring. If you're old enough, you know exactly what I am talking about. At the same time, this ice crusher appeared on the being a direct copy of the bomb on the ring - metallic front and red rear including fins. This is a rare souvenir of our culture from the year 1945. Information on the top of the lid is: "DAZEY / T.M. REG", and on the inside of the lid is: MADE BY DAZEY CORPORATION / ST. LOUIS, MO. U.S.A. / PAT. NO. 2.208.040 D-113,016 / MODEL 160". 10 1/4" tall. Has a 6" red plastic tail with fins. The name DAZEY is also on the side of the red plastic. Top is white painted. Crank is on the side. Just needs to have a wall mount - but this is really memorabilia...suppose it could still be used, but is better for display. Shows some light paint chipping in spots. ship 10.00
Category: Vintage
Mustard yellow and brown glaze, one has a shinier finish and better details. The other has lightened up and has a more dull finish, and the stars on the wings are faded almost away. 3 3/4" wing span. One cork is loose enough to pull out; there sure isn't much room in there for salt or pepper, but it's what they are. Couple minor insignificant chips. Crudely made. Rare form, of a bomber airplane motif
Category: Vintage
GREAT WWII CHENILLE NAVY SAILOR DOLL Almost 15" tall. Blue chenille body with a hard fabric face, in really excellent condition. The doll sports a gauze fabric Navy cap. The only real damage is to the rear of the hat, which is frayed a bit. Just a really cute Home Front item, all original 35.00 each ship each 5.00
Category: Art Objects
THIS PONCHO IS IN GOOD CONDITION ! Might be powder 0n it ,recommend do not ware
Category: United States
Knife is 7 1/4" long, and the fork is 6" long. Overall nice set with bone grips and steel ends. The only defect is a missing 3/4" chunk of bone on the rear of the fork, which will not affect display value. Some age darkening on knife blade, and tiny beginning of rust at tip. SHIP 5.00
Category: Vintage
Knife is 9 1/8" long, and the tablespoon is 8 3/4" long. The knife has wood handles, in really nice shape. The metal is lightly rusted on both sides, fairly even. The spoon does react to a magnet, so I'm not sure what it is made from...I originally thought pewter, based on the color. Patina is even, medium-dark grey. Very nice condition overall. Markings on the back are "65 L & G". Many like this were found in campsites SHIP 5.00
Category: All Field Gear
Really nice. Never used. Absolutely original (non-dug). Exactly what sutlers sold and exactly what I've excavated at camps and battlefields. Red clay head with reeded sides (parallel grooved). Stem is a straight piece of bamboo drilled out and tapered on the end going into the clay head.8 Pipes ship 10.00
Category: All the Rest
One side is "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR", and the other is "WE DID IT BEFORE / And We Can Do It Again.". Excellent condition. Have not played it on a record player, so do not know how well it plays. 10" diameter, in original paper slip with advertising on both side SHIP 6.00
Category: All the Rest

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