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Grossdeutschlands Wiedergeburt Weltgeschichtliche Stunden an der Donau. (The Annexation of Austria). This 21.00 x 29.5cm (8.25 X 11.6 ins) hard cover book is getting harder to find especially in this excellent condition and complete with ALL photos. It was published after the annexation of Austria in 1938. Germany was officially named "Grossdeutsches Reich" (Greater German Reich) after Austria had become part of nazi germany. The book contains 120 stereoscopic photographs taken by Adolf Hitlers personal photographer, Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann. The book comes with the original, collapsable viewing glasses which, when you look at the photos through them, make the photos appear three-dimensional! The pictures and the viewer are stored in compartments inside the front and back covers. This makes the covers quite thick and accordingly heavy and therefore many of these stereoscopy books that survived are damaged. Not so this excellent copy, it is in remarkable condition and will make a great
A Second War German Heer (Army) Marksmanship Lanyard; Grade One, Type Two The lanyard consisting of a badge attached to a knotted backer and a thick braid with loops for button attachment on either end; the badge constructed of aluminum on a silver bullion aluminum threaded knot with a field grey wool backer; the chord consisting of matching braid with a white rayon backer; near mint condition.
Category: Heer
KK Gewehr Shooting Badge 1943. Roughly 2.4" in diameter. Gilt fine zinc with red, white and green enamels. Award features a raised, pebbled, gilted inner field with embossed, stylized, red Tyrolean eagle, with green laurel leaves flanking its head. Eagle is clutching a white target with canted gilt swastika. Target is flanked by embossed, red, date "1943" with embossed gilted script to bottom, "KK-Gewehr". Reverse has a central circular depression and soldered pin back device is intact. The DSVB, Deutscher Standschutzenverband, (German State Shooting Association), was originally a loosely associated group of non-political, civilian organizations consisting of voluntary members with an interest in competitive marksmanship. The DSVB held numerous marksman competitions through-out Germany with assorted badges, trophies, and plaques awarded as prizes to the successful participants. Although the DSVB remained a voluntary civilian organization not affiliated with any political party or the
Category: Other
A 1938 Breslau Deutsches Turn und Sportfest badge; In what appears to be aluminum, horizontal pin; maker marked "Rob. Neff Berlin W.35" on the reverse; measuring 41 mm; very fine condition, lovely badge. Footnote: The Deutsches Turn und Sportfest was the last major sporting event organized by the Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund fuer Leibesuebungen, which was the governing body of sports and recreational exercise in the third reich. It took place in Breslau in the cities Hermann Goering Stadium.
Category: Tinnys
Round front depicts a mans portrait/bust that has a tack hammer to the left and a sickle to the right. The tools are partially behind a national eagle (with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons). There is a an arched "Tag Der Arbeit" (Day of Labour) to the top, "1934" towards the bottom beneath the wings of the German Eagle. The hollow back reverse has a perfectly soldered horizontal well working tombak pin assembly. It is also marked: "Schwab. Gmund 3". It shows wonderful detail and measures approximately 1.38 inches in diameter.
Category: Accoutrements
A Gautreffen Gau Westfnord 1935 Tinnie. Die stamped metal base that has been silver washed. The front depicts a rearing horse with a swastika above. The dates 5th 6th and 7th July 1935 are below the horse as are the words "GAUTREFFEN GAU WESTF.NORD". The hollow back reverse has a firm pin assembly. Great condition. A fine piece!
Category: Tinnys
A Hitler Youth Deutsches Jugendfest Tinnie 1936 It is constructed out of a die stamped steel base that has been bronze washed. The front depicts a Hitler Youth eagle with outstretched wings with a Hitler Youth emblem on its chest and is surrounded by a circular boarder that reads: ?Deutsches Jugendfest 1936? (German Youth Festival 1936). The hollow back reverse has a firm pin assembly. This variation has no cut outs. Great condition. A fine piece!
Category: Tinnys
A die stamped, steel based and bronze washed Deutsch Ist Die Saar 1934 Tinnie. The front of the octagon shaped tinnie depicts an early closed winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons, above two shaking hands (one has a chain on his wrist) and a podium which reads: "1934 Des Deutschen Ehre ist Die Treue". The top/sides also read "Deutsch 1st Die Saar". The reverse shows a hollow back and has a soldered well working tombak pin. Great detaill, excellent condition. Nice piece!
Category: Tinnys
This Tinnie is celluloid/plastic based, die struck and silver washed. On the front it shows a sailing ship breaking through the waves. Above the ship is a NSDAP eagle (clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons) and at the bottom an anchor. It is all surrounded by the words "Tag Der Deutschen Seefahr 25, 26 5 1935" and "Seefahrt Ist Not". The reverse shows a flat back, crimped steel pin and is maker marked: "WALGO KIERSPE BHF". The pin is in good working condition. Nice silver wash remains and it shows good detail! A nice tinnie!
Category: Tinnys
Made of die stamped, celluloid/plastic, this round DAF tinnie depicts a sportsman holding a volleyball in front of a building with smoke stacks, who is beside a DAF logo and is surrounded by "Sportappell Der Betriebe 1938" (The sports appeal companies in 1938). The reverse is RZM M9/25 and Richard Sieper & Sohne Ludenscheid maker marked and has a steel, well working pin! Outstanding condition!
Category: Tinnys

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