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Heavily REDUCED! Grossdeutschlands Wiedergeburt Weltgeschichtliche Stunden an der Donau. (The Annexation of Austria). This 88 page 21.00 x 29.5cm (8.25 X 11.6 ins) hard cover 3D book is getting harder to find especially in this excellent condition and complete with ALL photos, all in outstanding contion. It was published after the annexation of Austria in 1938. Germany was officially named "Grossdeutsches Reich" (Greater German Reich) after Austria had become part of nazi germany. The book contains 120 stereoscopic photographs taken by Adolf Hitlers personal photographer, Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann. The book comes with the original, collapsable viewing glasses which, when you look at the photos through them, make the photos appear three-dimensional! The pictures and the viewer are stored in compartments inside the front and back covers. This makes the covers quite thick and accordingly heavy and therefore many of these stereoscopy books that survived are damaged. Not so this excellent
REDUCED! An absolutely outstanding card in near perfect condition. Very clean, no creases or marks, very rare in such excellent condition. Postally unused. Fritz Klingenberg (17 December 1912 - 23 March 1945) was a German officer in the Waffen-SS who served with the SS Division Das Reich and was a commander of the SS Division Goetz von Berlichingen. He was best known for his role in the capture of the Yugoslavian capital Belgrade on April 13th 1941, with just 6 men, for which he was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. (A few days later Yugoslavia surrendered). Commands held SS Division Goetz von Berlichingen, Das Reich. GB Pounds 54.00 + postage.
Reduced! Hitler Profile Portrait Plaque. Round. NOT a modern repro! Came from a collection in Austria. Have had it looked at and confirmed to be period. Round. Looks and feels like bronze but I am not sure. It is certainly heavy enough to be bronze. It is a good size and measures approx. 18cms (7.25 inches) in diameter and has a fixed angled point on which it can be hung. A good likeness and very good all round condition. I can find no artists/makers signature. Please see photos for confirmation of description. GB Pounds 140.00 + postage
Category: Art Objects
1936 Berlin Olympic Games Volumes. (Olympia 1936). Complete. Two volumes. These albums are both 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches (24.5 x 32cms), with a total of about 400 pictures some in colour and includes the detailed four page fold out plan of the Olympic venues. They were published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld in Germany and are in excellent condition. They are priced at GB Pounds 115.00 (approx $148.00) plus postage. They are that price because of their condition and because they have still got their original covers which are also in very good condition which is rare for these volumes. 9 out of 10 of these books usually don't have any covers at all and if they do they are almost always really tatty. These particular books are quite exceptional considering their age and it would be hard to find another pair as good as these. (Please see detailed photos for confirmation of excellent condition). I have included the link http://www.od43.com/2x_1936_Olympia_ZBA_0317.html where
A Cross of Honour in Gold of the German Mother, First Class. Outstanding condition. (Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter 1 Klasse). A Latin cross constructed of gilt bronze and blue and white enamels; with sun rays emanating between the arms from the centre applique; the front with a circular applique bearing a static black enameled swastika (Hakenkreuz) within a gilded ring inscribed "Der Deutschen Mutter" (The German Mother), with all four arms of the cross edged in white enamels with solid blue panels; the reverse dated with the date of implementation "10 Dezember 1938" and bearing the facsimile signature of the Fuhrer and Reichs-Chancellor; suspended from a period original ribbon; better than very fine condition. GB Pounds 55.00 + postage. (Just as a matter of interest the Mother's Cross in Gold was awarded to German mothers for having 8 (yes EIGHT !!) children, so the number of Gold Mothers Crosses is far less than the silver or bronze versions.) I am at this moment preparing a we
REDUCED! A Second War German Heer (Army) Marksmanship Lanyard; I have been reliably informed from the Wehrmacht Awards Forum experts that this Lanyard is.....Grade One, Type Two The lanyard consists of a badge attached to a knotted backer and a thick braid with loops for button attachment on either end; the badge constructed of aluminum on a silver bullion aluminum threaded knot with a field grey wool backer; the chord consisting of matching braid with a mid gray rayon backer; near mint condition, unmarked, cannot be faulted. GB Pounds 92.00 + postage.
Category: Heer
Here is a selection of 45 Arbeitsbuchs. They are ALL in excellent condition. Should you be interested in one for GB Pounds 16.00 purchase price I will email you detailed scans on request so you will know exactly what you are buying. I have included a series of scans of one of the Arbeitbuchs which is a typical example. Interestingly (noticed this by chance) this Arbeitsbuch was first officially written up in 1934 and stamped in 1935 but it was still being used in 1971!! I am not quite sure how that was possible but it is in the book! All of the Arbeitbuchs are written up to various degrees, some more some less. GB Pounds 16.00 + postage - which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes.
Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander. Good condition, one of the two staples has come lose, but the other holds the spine and all pages well. This particular foreign employed worker (Franz Novak) has Italy as the country that he came from but it has Marburg (in Germany!) as the place where he was born in 1918. He was well educated and was employed as a Technical Assistant in Kapfenberg (in Southern Austria) in the Steel Works there. What is extremely interesting is that the last entry was made by the company he woked for during the War - Boehler Brothers and Co.- on the 15th May 1945. This was exactly ONE WEEK after the War ended. In addition to the green Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander there is also another ID Document issued to Novak in Jugoslavia just after the War where he must have then lived. The green Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander is far rarer than the standard brown Arbeitsbuch used by the Germans. They also differed from the German version by having inside a portrait photo of the foreign worker
An extremely fine Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander. Outstanding condition. This particular foreign employed worker (Evert Vuyst) came from Holland. He was born in Amsterdam in 1921 and was employed in Vienna Austria in the paper and raw materials industry as well as in the storage areas. The green Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander is far rarer than the standard brown Arbeitsbuch used by the Germans. They also differed from the German version by having inside a portrait photo of the foreign worker for identification and as a consequence the green Arbeitsbuch is more sought after. GB Pounds 49.00 + postage.
This is the rare Arbeitsbuch for the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (in Czechoslovakia). Outstanding condition, almost unmarked. Never had one in this superb condition. This particular Arbeitsbuch was issued to Hans Richter who was born in 1895. Richter attended acting school in 1914 to 1916 and during the WW2 was employed and acted at the German Theatre of Maehr Ostran (which I cannot trace at the moment but is presumably in Bohemia Moravia) and then he acted at the German Theatre of Vienna (between the years of 1939 to 1941). The Bohemia Moravia Protectorate was established on 16 March 1939 following the German occupation of Czechoslovakia on 15 March 1939. The Protectorate was an autonomous Nazi-administered territory which the German government considered part of the Greater German Reich. On 29 September 1941, Hitler appointed SS hardliner Reinhard Heydrich as Deputy Reichsprotektor (Stellvertretende Reichsprotektor) but he was killed by on 4 June 1942 after being woun

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