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Two German POW letters written by the same man on 4th March and 1st April 1945. The letters were sent by Josef (Pepi) Vrbka (Nr. 31G 727354) to his parents and are quite touching as he explains how much he misses them and his wife. In one letter he actually asks his father to paint the garden shed door green to stop it warping! The letters appear to have been sent from US Army PWTB France and stamped Base 1057. There is a pencil line drawn through the Reumannplatz address on one envelope and a wavey line through the address on the other and the corrected address is written in pencil beneath. It must be presumed that the house at the orginal address was possibly damaged or destroyed. Interestingly these letters were written in the last few days of the War and I can only assume that Pepi was captured by the Americans in France or Germany itself. There is some light blue staining on the paper which can be seen in the detailed photographs. GBP 37.00 plus postage.
An interesting metal and wood display ornament of an 20mm 30Flak Anti Aircraft (Flugabwehrkanone) gun with its crew. The wooden base is also interesting because of the metal eagle and Luftwaffe Gefreiter zinc? gulls which normlly go on the collar tabs. I presume this item may have belonged or was presented to a Gefeiter, but I do not really know for sure. (I am not sure what the metal is, possibly aluminium or zinc because it is non magnetc). The item is in good condition with one or two tiny scratches to the surface but absolutely nothing serious, - please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition. It is approximately 25 cms (10 inches) long and 19cms (7.5 inches) high Euros 145.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
Bronze plaque of SA Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Karl Wilhelm Schramme (1898-1941). Schramme joined the Nazi Party not long after WW1 and soon rose through it's ranks in the SA and became leader of the SA group Westfalen and police chief of Dortmund. He fell in the invasion of Crete in 1941. This is an outstanding bronze Plaque in superb condition. It measures 20 x 15 cm (8 x 6 ins). The plaque is signed with a monogram which looks like a stylized EW?? and the words 'Kiew' (Kiev) and 'Weihnachten 1941' (trans. Christmas 1941). A very rare item depicting an early member of the Party who rose up through the ranks of the SA and died in one of the most bloody and costly campaigns of the War. Euros 249.00 plus postage
Category: Art Objects
Big Reduction!...... The last of the four, This particular Die is for the German Destroyers Stickpin Badge. Cylindrical steel die weight 713gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 17mm x 13mm. Excellent condition..I had four of which three have already been sold so I am reducing the final one. These really don't crop up often believe me. Euros 169.00 plus Postage
Category: Military Medals
SOLD! An exceptional porcelain salt and pepper double dish container. The design consists of two small bowls attached together. It is complete and undamaged. It is marked with the Luftwaffe eagle and the letters FL. U.V. Hutschenreuther Hohenberg Germany and dated 1938. Size: 10.8cm x 5.5cm x 2.8cm high. GB Pounds 77.00 plus postage.
Category: Luftwaffe
SOLD! A really exceptional white glazed World War II Luftwaffe porcelain gravy boat (sauce boat) with attached stand. Condition is outstanding (please see detailed photos for proof of condition). It is well marked with the Luftwaffe Eagle between the letters FI - UV Bauscher Weiden 1938 and It measures approx 25cm long x 16cm wide x 12cm high (10 x 6.5 x 4.75ins). GBPounds 89.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
A very nice metal (brass alloy?) Adolf Hitler Profile mounted on a wooden backing. Condition is excellent. Although I have seen this actual head before in Austria I haven't seen it with this particular indented semi swastika pattern backboard. The overall dimensions are 30 x 26 cm (11.8 x 10.3 ins) and the head alone is 25 cm (9.9 ins) in length. As with a great many metal profiles and busts from the period it is very hard to be absolutely certain of the exact period the item was produced and this is reflected in the price. This is actually a very nice piece! Euros 179.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
Adolf Hitler Profile. Mounted on a woden backboard. Metal alloy. Good condition overall with some surface flaking which can be clearly seen in the detailed photos. Signed Schmidt-Hoffer (Otto Schmidt-Hofer 1873-1925???) which is a puzzler because Otto Schmidt Hofer died in 1925 and this profile appears to have been done in the 1930's. It may be that the Son or another family member was also named Schmidt Hofer and was the sulptor involved as apparently the workshop/factory continued into the NSDAP period. It bears the official manufacturers logo HVB which was associated with the NSDAP Reichsministerium Volksaufklarung und Propaganda - .trans. The Reichs Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda of the NSDAP. The profile measures 20.5 cm (8 ins) and the complete dimensions of the wooden mounting measures 33.5 x 25 cm (13.2 x 9.9 ins). Euros189.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
SOLD! Left facing cast iron side profile portrait Plaque of Adolf Hitler. This well known iron relief is a commissioned work, depicting the neck up head of Hitler with the text below: Instituted as the official iron portrait and installed in public spaces, schools and official institutions throughout Nazi Germany; also sold commercially to Nazi citizens. This particular example is in very good condition but appears to have been over painted with a black paint wash which seems to have been done quite frequently on these heads which were often hung outside. The painted surface has softened some of the detail and has partially hidden the Walter Wolff signature at the base of the neck and ges gesch on the back The plaque measures approx. 30.7 x 20.7 cm (12 x 8.2 ins) and weighs 2.15 kilos (4.74 lbs). I cannot sell this as being as in 100% original condition so the price reflects that. Euros 165.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
Death Cards x 9. All good condition, one or two with slight marks or blemishes but absolutely nothing of any note. These are the more detailed folding two page double sided versions. The front of each card shows the fallen serviceman usually with a little about the place of death and a few details about the man involved. (It never ceases to amaze me how young a lot of these unfortunate soldiers were!) The back of the cards usually have a reigious verse and a Holy image on. The scans show both the front and the back of each card. GBP 39.00 plus postage.

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