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Bahnschutz double decal 1934 style light-weight helmet with single vent. Clean size 57 liner with minor frontal sweat stains and original chinstrap. Black paint shows moderate scattered chipping, and both decals rate better than 90% intact. I would rate this as a fairly scarce helmet, as in all my collecting/dealing years, this is only the third I have ever come across. See page 329 of Baers "The History of the German Steel Helmet" for decal illustration. Very Good
Category: Helmets
M-16 transitional army single decal helmet with the M-31 liner. Helmet shows very little use judging from the very light sweat stains in the forhead area of the marked size 57 liner. Slate gray paint is about 95%, and decal about 98%. The liner still has its original tie, and the intact chinstrap is marked "O. Schiele" city of "loburg", and dated 1937. An example of a transitional helmet in excellent condition.
Category: Helmets
Army single decal M-42 helmet with its intact original supple liner marked size 61. Original slate grey paint at about 90% and showing light surface rust where paint is missing. Decal condition is about 75% A shoe string replaces the original liner tie, and looks like it has been there forever. Markings in the rear skirt are "l (or1) 602" over what appears to be "80Sl". I cannot see any maker on the side skirt. Has a brown leather chinstrap that I do not see any markings. This large helmet that shows some use is still a respectable example of an army decaled M-42 helmet. Good
Category: Helmets
NSKK large metal insignia in a silver colored frame about 6 1/4" x 5" and about 1/2" thick. Some years ago I had an un-mounted NSKK eagle like this, and it had a single threaded bolt for attachment. This has the bolt, as the protruding end can be felt through the hard reverse of the plak. The only time I had seen another like this insignia in a photo, was one that showed it on the lower front of a truck radiator, on a most likely an NSKK truck. The framing is professional, but my guess is this was done after the war. This handsome eagle is issue-free, apart from tarnish, and the enameled swastika is chip free. The hard reverse of the plak has a small indentation in the upper right corner, and there are a few minor dings on the thickness below the frame. Low Excellent
Category: All the Rest
Eva Braun original silverware and calling card. Fork, table knife and spoon, each marked for 800 silver with crescent and crown proofs. Her initials, designed by Albert Speer, are in butterfly pattern. Blade of knife has J.A.Henckels name and logo. Apart from tarnish, without issue. Calling card has some dingyness showing age. Excellent
Category: All the Rest
Early SS cigarette case with large engraved swastika and runes, and engraved for Sportfestival for SS Standarte 24 on June 10, 1934. Also has the initials "F.S." in a box, which I assume was the owner, this between some beautiful engraved scroll work. The gold plated interior shows much use with scratching and wear. Both stretch bands that kept the cigarettes secured are gone. Case shows its use with some shallow dings and dents. I cannot get the camera to get the marking in focus for a picture that is located on press bar that opens up the case. It appears to read "KRAFTALPACCA", and then the initials "RK" in a box. I am familiar with the Alpacca marking on the non-silver Luftwaffe honor goblets on the bottom indicating silver plating. A unique item that unfortunately cannot relate any of its long history apart from one day in 1934. Good
Category: Other SS Items
WW1 buckle utilized for having a reel attached that had wire that would be played out to connect one party with another for communication between them. I would imagine this method was much more efficient than having a length of hand carried wire. This buckle shows some age and use, and some areas on the reverse have some light surface rust. Good
Imperial period variation Austro-Hungarian brass enlisted buckle. Unique in that the front plate can be detached by the reverse swivel-catch so that a different plate can be attached. Years of neglect has darkened the buckle. I like age patina, but if its new owner cares to polish, it would be a very handsome buckle indeed. Excellent
A fairly rare double decal Luftwaffe fiber parade helmet utilized by officers because of its light weight. Both sides of the liner marked "Fiber-Helm"' and "EreL Berlin". Has some small words above this that I cannot read. Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe eagle has had the swastika removed, but with part of the outline still present. The remainder of the eagle is about 90%. The shield is also about 90% present. The helmet shape itself is in near excellent condition with its paint about 90%, except for the metal rim which has about 40% paint. An area below the eagle, about 1 1/2" above the rim, has some darkening. The liner has the size 59 1/2 and shows very little use. The chin strap is intact, but much of the grey/blue finish is gone. Some suggested putting on the swastika from a repo decal, but I will leave that endeavor to a later owner should he so desire. Not that ever I looked for them, but this is only the second fiber helmet that I have owned in my many years of collecting. Hig
Category: Helmets
Early EM Luftwaffe aluminum buckle with the drop-tailed eagle. Buckle may have been on a belt at one time due to some light marks on the center post for the catch, but obverse is near mint wiyhout any wear or scratches. Excellent
Category: Belts & Buckles

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