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RLB Armband of BeVo type embroidery. Marked "Ges. Gesch. H. & F." Excellent.
Category: Armbands
Verkehrs Aufsicht armband printed black on orange linen for traffic control duties. Excellent.
Category: Armbands
SS Administrative Officer on green wool. Had been on uniform, and without backing. Has one moth hole and upper and lower tips blunted where torn from tunic. Bullion intact. Good.
Category: Other SS Items
War Service Cross 1st Class w/o swords. Pin marked L/15 Frederick Orth. Quality badge with nice plated finish.
Category: Military Medals
Pair of unused Customs Officer Collar Tabs with the rank of Zollfinanzrat. Low excellent.
Category: Collar Tabs
Narvik hard cover 408 page book with many photos of the two month land campaign in Norway between British, Norwegian, French and Polish troops and German and Austrian Mountain Troops, shipwrecked Kriegsmarine sailors and Falschirm Jagers. This was the first large scale battle since the invasion of Poland. This book also covers the two battles between the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy. Minor scuffing and some fading to the fabric of the cover and one small area on back appears mothed, but all pages intact. Published 1940. Very good.
Uniformen der Alten Armee published by Waldorf-Astoria covers a more recent period than the Der Bunte Rock Album. This one covers the GardeCorps and the Army Corps of all the German States prior to WWI. Has 312 pasted in color illustrations, all of which are intact. Another interesting reference for the student of the Imperial period. Low excellent.
Der Bunte Rock the colored tunic album published by Haus Neuerburg with 252 colored pasted in illustrations of uniforms of all the German states in 21 groupings from 1800 to 1863. An invaluable source for anyone interested in this period. All illustrations intact. Some wear to cover finish at spine, but considering it's age, not significant. Low excellent.
Jahrbuch der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1942 hard bound 196 page book covering the year and with 121 photographs. Has a listing of all the 1941 Luftwaffe Knights Cross winners thru October. Minor scuffing and some dis-coloration to the cover, but all pages intact. Very good.
Kriegsmarine Destroyer Badge of unmarked construction showing nice detail. Being back shows reverse of front detail, possibly of French manufacture.
Category: Luftwaffe

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