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Legitimate original dagger by Robert Klaas. Has the correct original portepee included.
Category: Daggers
Vet acquired in 1972! This is the sole example I have ever seen, and I own it. This is NOT the phony baloney "Personal effects" Crap that floods out of Europe! How many containers of Military issue boot black do you imagine have survived undamaged and unused for70+ Years?
Category: All Field Gear
Category: United States
Very Rare Set of Blowtorch Era Norad ... Nato Era Cold War to Viet Nam Airpower Photos! These are original and depict many very rare weapons systems. F-100, F-4F Phantom, F-104 Starfighter, F-105 Thundechief, F-102 Dela Dart, B-47 tratobomber,F-5 Freedom Fighter, B-58, C'mon, Guys these are gold! Guys the only way these came to be, was by a guy going out on the base and snapping them with his camera!! You will never see these pics anywhere else. These are the original and only set of prints, straight from and Air Force Estate sale.
Another thing some veteran thought to bring home. I wish he had dumped it and filled it with SS Skulls!!
Category: All Field Gear
Here is a piece of postal history. Part of the best items from a large postal collection I bought years ago. A Very Rare German Occupied Europe Dienstpost Envelope. The price paid for this 25 years ago is shown on the info backing sheet.
Marked waay down! to $38 each Vet Acquired Heer Infantry Slip on Strap Singles. Dirt Cheap Combat Straps!
Category: Shoulder Boards
The real thing.
Category: Caps
Heer Bevo Cap Removed Trapezoid #3 Nice battlefield combat souvenir! Lots of fakes out here of these! Real ones are getting pretty hard to acquire!
Category: Caps
A perfect example of the Freiwillige or Volunteer Legion Buckle. I am of the opinion that these are NOT penal batallion buckles as has been so long thought. I have seen photos of these on foreign troops of the Wehrmacht. This is NEAR mint condition. I have dropped the price from $150 to move it out! That is almost half of the value!
Category: Belts & Buckles

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